Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some stuffiz!

A little building study for a civilization whose decor is somewhat beetle inspired.

A Moché dude, pandas and my dogs, teehee.

Fine facial hair and cowboy hats ftw!


This fellow was made by Sherika and myself for our holiday cards :)
I have to thank her for pushing me to do it with her.
Twas was a quick, fun, project that everyone seemed to enjoy,
we will certainly be doing more of them soon, hoorah!

Here we go!


Oh Dear, a blog...

So I suppose this shall me be a place to relieve the stuffy atmosphere of my main site and share my daily oodles of doodles and whatever other nonsense I am making not suited to a fine and proper portfolio!

Maybe the pieces I make into finishes could even be determined by the popular vote of you guys!

Well it's a thought anyway :)

Either way, WELCOME!