Sunday, April 27, 2008


"Lé Box Head" d00dles with mah Sheri V.

Got home from New York ComicCon a few days ago, it was a total blast. I have to thank everyone for making it a super satisfying and awesome experience. The people really are what made it, so here are some shout-outs to Rob Rey, Ripper, the sculptors from NECA, Arkady Roytman, Dan Dos Santos, Zelda Devon and Kurt Huggins of Teetering Bulb, Christopher Moeller, Erik Jones, and a big thanks to Ryan Sansaver.

Thank you as always to Sheri for being my faithful partner in crime and to her excellent parents for housing me once again.

Also, Guillermo del Toro is without a doubt the man.

Also, I have a few sketches and doodles here and will be starting a super exciting new project!

Ok, that's all.