Saturday, October 18, 2008


A human forces soldier, getting the right amount of individuality was the main challenge.

A Chimera Soldier, they strike me as having a somewhat ordered and clean approach to their design, industrial, but not in a cobbled-together or heavily asymmetrical way.

A basic environmental object, wreckage of what may have been a Chimera drop-pod that was modified.

A environment design of a gaunlet like area. The main idea is the cool temparature of the environment and Chimera architecture being put against the warm architecture of the ruins of the human buildings and the Chimera machines occupying them.

A really busy week! On top of the day job this week I had to complete a concept art test for Insomniac Games (hope that they like them!) It was a crazy push to get as done as possible, but was also very very fun. I think I will continue working on these for the ol' portfolio, are there certain ones that you guys think are good candidates for that?