Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fin times dos

Finished up that red-faced sucka and the seaside undead
recently. They are now taking up residence on my portfolio site.

Been working some new sketches and it's time to move on to some new projects, they should start appearing shortly. Y'all must be giddy with anticipation.



Alison Blackwell said...

Goddamn, Turner! These look great! You have grown many hand's widths in skill since last we met. I feel like a proud parent even though I have nothing to do with it.

Sir Timmy said...

giddy with antici...............................pation!
much love from the fatherland comrade!

Life is Bullshit said...

Flip horizontal strikes again! Huzzah!

Alison Blackwell said...

Must... reach... steak

Unknown said...

lolz, weeeee!

Unknown said...

tastey steak times indeed.

flip h0riz0ntal

Sir Timmy said...

there is much at stake! get it?
because they are similar vocal recognitions, yet stake is spelled differently, inferring that although there is a steak the main character is trying to grasp hold of, the resulting receipt of the intended action is, at stake: there is a duality bound between the outcome.
therefore, a joke can be inferred.


Anonymous said...

ohhh these are scary, nice stuff