Sunday, August 1, 2010

progress shot

A bit of progress on her today, any crits/thoughts? I am noticing right away that she appears rather muted and desaturated in this jpeg as compared to the photoshop file. I am trying not to go too dark or contrasty with this piece - I would ideally like to hit some kind of inner luminous quality. I was also concerned about the pose not being graceful, that instead of a slight lean forward I was getting and hunch back or sort of broken neck situation.


Lilz Chan said...

if you're worried about the pose, i might curve the back of the neck for more fluidity. as it is, it's all looking rather rigid, especially since her facial expression implies that she's moving towards something she's looking at, but her body does not follow suit.

the colors are looking spectacular though, it's very ephemeral. i'd lighten up the colors even more, but it's not really irritating me.

also, hi :D

lostinarc said...

I believe this is a great start ...completely agree with Lilz abut the body think u should try that..but the render n design are awesome...:)good one

Unknown said...

Thanks for advice Lilz! and for the comment lostinarc :)

Enrique said...

wow! i dig your stufff ! I hope you give me feedback on my things :D