Monday, February 18, 2008

Press Start to Continue

Continuing to work on this bugger, gettin there.


Ian said...

Lookin good so far. Did you have any reference for painting the bg at all? I actually just started a blog page too. I posted my first artwork up on it yesterday. :)

Rich Pellegrino said...

um...bad ass anyone?

awesome work so far cory. your skills are blowing up!
what have you been up to? are you in RI still?

Life is Bullshit said...


I looked at this and thought it was a Jon Foster painting. In all seriousness. GJ maihn. Good to see you're keeping on keeping on.

I started a blog too, and will link you. I'm at Stay strong solja.

Unknown said...

Aw man, thanks homies.

Mr. Topple, neat stuff dude.

Rich man, thanks for checking it out!
I'm def trying to skill up, doin freelance/odd jobs/retail, and keepin on learnin in the free time. I was in RI briefly to visit Sheri this past week, hoping to move up there this Spring.

MAHK BRINKAH! thanks man, you shall be linked!

Justin Wolfson said...

I've been meaning to comment for a while because this is just freaking awesome. Did you do this in Painter or Photochop? What sort of brushes/presets are you using? I'm still trying to get over the sheer amount of variations in the different types of brushes in Painter IX.

Unknown said...

Yo Wolfson!

Ya know, I've been working on this by flipping between PS and Painter on a regular basis depending on what I need at the moment. Truth be told I haven't used Painter much myself in about 3 years so I don't have any particular presets yet. Just kind of mucking around with the brushes and trying stuff out seems to give a good result to start.