Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Mr. Quickpaint #2 for today.

Warming up for today, not sure where this is going, It's just a thoughtless doodle so far.

So far for today I've worked on the undead loving sketch above and finally finished up the little elf girl I will now refer to as Fuzz, she's over in the illustration section of my main site, woot! Much thanks to Gorrem for hooking me up with some new music today to save my groove.


Rob Rey said...

sweet stuff! black skin = hot. well, it's striking anyway.
I guess you and Sheri are going to be looking for a place together, huh? Well, I'll probably need a house mate to replace Tim come June, so you know, just in case. Either way, let me know when you get up here!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the offer! Sounds pretty good actually, We'll keep in touch as June approaches. Would your landlord have a problem if two people split the room?

Ian said...

Hey, cool stuff. Check out my blob at I just started posting some new work there a few weeks ago. :)