Thursday, July 31, 2008

Been a spell.

This dude is still incomplete, so just don't stare too hard, he's shy ;)

Also tooling around with this one, seeing if I can make something interesting out of it.

Haven't posted in some serious ages! I Should be kicking back into the habit now. Just finshed up relocating to Providence and a couple of sweet jobs. While much of what I have been doing is under NDA, I will be finding and making some new junk to post up in this piece.



Ripper said...

Enviro's ftw. That looks like it should go along with your final character from Shanth's class.

Unknown said...

Oh wow lol, cute point. Your memory is powerful Mr. Ripper.

Rich Pellegrino said...

whoa! level up man. these are ridiculously solid. you've been kicking it up. good to see. now that your back in lil' rhody we should hit up the coffee shops and draw unsuspecting people. mwahahahahahaha!

Unknown said...

Mr. Rich, we should indeed. Hit up mah cell when your in town boiiiiii.