Saturday, August 2, 2008


Started this fiend today. Blub blub.

What do y'all think of this guy? Teh lamez0rz? Teh Rockz0rz? Somewhere in between?

Your thoughts, I would love to have them, while hopefully providing you with pictorial entertainment!


Rob Rey said...

Wow, nice hands and arms. I think I would like to see some context.
That swirly design thing in place of his head is key. I think you need to play that up, make it more of a face, more of a flat design, more swirling light, more something. (...just not a crown, there are too many of those :)
I want to feel what he represents, so what is that?
Really awesome anyway.

Unknown said...

Damn, thank you man, you really nailed some of my concerns with the piece. Really helpful, thanks fo sho.